Capitol Hill Remodel

Having undergone a least a couple of additions over the years, this humble, turn of the century home was a circulatory mess of erroneous hallways and too many doors. The primary goal of this remodel was to fix how the clients could move through, and communicate across, the interior.

By essentially splitting the house down the middle between common spaces and private spaces, we were able to blow open the common areas and establish a visual connection through the whole length of the house. Vaulted ceilings not only provide a visual connection to the loft over the kitchen, but also stand in stark contrast to the more compressed, and intimate, areas of the house.

The large opening opposite the kitchen provides an opportunity to expand from the breakfast bar into the smaller family room directly across the hall. Or, using a series of sliding panels, privacy can be given to any guests staying in this multi-use space. The large opening in the central wall provides a solid connection between the two principal sections of the house, while still providing privacy to the bedrooms and helping to shelter the bathroom from those more shared spaces.

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