Maple Leaf Preschool 1

We have designed and built a number of structures and furniture for the preschool over the years. The first project was a playhouse used for climbing, reading, exploring, and pretending. Later, we added a kids desk, movable storage cubes, and play tables.

The next project for the school was a play house. The preschool needed a solution for a classroom where noise from an adjacent hallway was an issue, yet they also needed to maintain a visual connection to the hallway. We designed a play wall that met both needs. The wall is made of painted exposed wood studs, clear finish maple plywood slats, and plexiglass.

The most recent project for the preschool was to design and build a play shed for the well-used exterior play space. They needed a covered area for the kids to store toys, a small covered area for playing and a storage space for the teachers to store items. We were able to meet all of those needs by creating the "play shed." Combining functionality and play, the roof of the shed drains rain water to a gutter on the low side and will eventually be connected to a rainwater collection system that the kids will be able to manipulate, control, and play with.

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