Maple Leaf Preschool 2

This light-handed intervention will allow the preschool to expand its play area into an existing parking lot that has typically only been used at the beginning and end of the school day. The striking red acrylic panels of the original fence now continue around the old parking lot and include a rolling gate the blends in nearly seamlessly with the pattern of the fence. This new gate will allow cars to continue accessing the lot, but will now allow it to be secured from the street when in use by the children as well.

The addition of two large gates into the existing fence separating the original play area and parking lot serve primarily to allow the children to easily move between the two areas and engage in varying types of activities conducive to the different spaces. The gates can also be closed and locked to provide privacy and safety for the children while the lot is in use by vehicles. The raised platforms can serve as a supervision point for parents and teachers, whether the children are being picked up in the afternoon or playing.

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