NE Capitol Hill Residence 2

Designed by Bebb and Mendel, this 1909 Capitol Hill manor has received many alterations over the decades, and lost some of its original character in the process. Our clients approached us with the intriguing challenge of preserving period details within a more contemporary aesthetic, while also adapting existing spaces to the lifestyle of a modern family. As an additional challenge, our clients decided from the beginning that they would prefer to remain living in their home throughout the construction process, and so we have conducted our work over the course of several, separate phases with the following examples comprising the last of our work for now.

We are steadily introducing this historic home to the present day and the present day to it; along with our own efforts, we have coordinated with and worked alongside several specialist craftspersons to preserve unique, original details such as leaded stained glass windows and to adapt antique, ornate radiators into a modern heating system.

This final round of work focused primarily on the family’s living accommodations; updating and expanding spaces to better accommodate a smaller family, and a society that has mostly outgrown the notion of full-time help. There is however still plenty of room for growth and adaptation moving forward.

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